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( FIDDLE: "Cattle In The Cane" )

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Learn to play "Cattle In The Cane" by listening to it played slowly. 
Click on the Photo to start downloading the fiddle mp3 file. 

Cattle In The Cane (slow, to learn the melody): Cattle In The Cane (Slow-mp3)
Cattle In The Cane (full band): Cattle In The Cane (Band-mp3)

Compare the solo fiddle to the 1984 full band recording
by downloading both mp3 files.

View banjo tab by Bob Black at: Cattle Tabs

My source for this version of the melody is Kenny Baker. 
He taught this to me in the winter of 1977.

The musicians are: 
Jim Moss: Fiddle 

on:  Cattle In The Cane (slow version).
( 2000 Jim Moss )


Jim Moss: Fiddle 
Bob Black: Banjo 
Jeff Smith: Mandolin 
David Thompson: Guitar 
Paul Squyres: Bass

on:  Cattle In The Cane (CD full band version).
( from "Through The Windshield" 1984 Blueberry Records )


Live recording was made by Jim Moss. 
MP3 Mastering by Jim Moss. 
Photo by Michelle Putnam.

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