Celtic Mabinogi Project

Jim Moss creates a melody with the tones derived from the 
ancient alphabet of the Celtic Druids found scratched on stone 
markers.  This is placed against a backdrop of sounds that represent characters and events of  “The Mabinogi” (ISBN 0-520-03414-7). Together they become a scholarly work of metaphorical interpretation called  “Incident At Arberth Mound”. 

This file should be played using Real Player.  The file is in streaming audio. There can be problems running this file.  First, there is network congestion or two slow connection speeds which will cause the music to stop and start.   The files are encoded for 28.8 and 56k modem speeds.  For this problem we suggest that you increase your players buffering time to take up for this.  Sometimes if  you wait for a few hours and try to run the file again it works.   You can trace your packets with ( http://visualroute.com/).   Second, we have found restarting your computer can fix a "cannot fine the URL" error.   We think this is a Windows/Real Player problem.  It seems to even exist with the new free real player listed below.


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