The Mandolin Boys, back stage talking shop.

 Left to Right: Frank Wakefield, Bill Monroe,

Dana Cupp banjo, Jimmy Campbell fiddle, Mike Bub bass.

At the Egg in Albany, NY

cir 1990s

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Yes, that would be me in there with Dana and Jimmy. I remember that night (at the Egg in Albany, NY) when Frank was playing all of Bill's original breaks backstage and talkwards backing to him and Bill finally told Frank, "Why don't you talk straight!" Frank replied," Bill don't understand me but the Bluegrass Boys do, don't they!" He sat in that night and I actually acquired a tape of the show a few years later. Are there any stage photos from this show? Probably not since they wouldn't allow cameras (or taping!). There are a few more good stories from that trip I will have to tell you sometime including when I spilled coffee on the old man's hat. It's neat to see that photo, as I was sort of a part-time BG Boy during that time. 


I'll never forget it.

Mike Bub





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