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Frank Wakefield Mandolin DVD From Mossware LLC

Frank Wakefield Untra Clear Mandolin DVD From Mossware LLC
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 The Frank Wakefield Mandolin DVD 
(From Mossware LLC)

This Lesson Series Includes:
I shot the footage for this series in such lighting that the strings shine
allowing the viewer to see fingers, frets and strings very clearly. 
The camera stays intently focused "close up" on the techniques being 
explained.  The footage was shot in Pro Digital DVCAM back in 
February of 2001 with the Fundamental Technique footage being 
shot in February 2002. 

The lessons have chapter indexes that allow you to effortlessly 
return and replay important segments of the lessons to help
you study.   I wish I had something like this when I was
studying with Kenny Baker. 

The cost of each DVD is $60 plus $5.75 USA.  

For other countries, I will need to check postage at the 

time of ordering.


Eventually these will be downloadable starting with the unfinished #4. 

(First read about DVD-R compatibility issues at bottom of this page that were an issue in 2002.  Seems like only yesterday.)

Here are some DVD Players we like:

Anything by Sony.

If you play mandolin and would like to get some master lessons, this
is for you. You can order the first, second or third Ultra Clear Lesson DVDs
by sending a check to:

Jim Moss
P.O. Box 284
La Honda, CA 94020


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Thanks for your support.
Jim Moss 


============================= DVD #0

The Beginner Lesson (The Great Stuff)
(Completed and Available)

1)  Basic Mando Technique 
2)  Chords 

3)  Straps and Strings 
4)  Salty Dog Blues 
5)  Skip To My Lou 
6)  Bluegrass Stomp 
7)  Big G and Speed 

8)  Soldiers Joy (G) and (D)

9)  Fire on the Mountain (A)

10) Arkansas Traveler (D) 


End DVD #0  


============================= DVD #1 
The Advanced Lesson (The High End Stuff)

(Completed and Available)

Fundamental Technique 
1) How Frank holds the mandolin
2) How Frank uses the pick to play fast and efficient with great tone
3) How Frank uses his right hand and wrist
4) How to play rhythm in the Wakefield and Monroe style
5) On And ON (Rhythm)
6) White House Blues (Rhythm)
7) Orange Blossom Special (Rhythm)

Tunes, Technique and Special Tunings
8) Black Berry Blossom (F) 
9) Devils Dream (F)
10) Sailors Hornpipe (F)
11) Rondo ( F) 

Cross Picking, Frank Plucking and Chimes
12) How to Cross-Pick 
13) Boil Them Cabbage Down (A)
14) Grandfather's Clock (G)

Special Tunings with Cross Picking & Chimes w/ Split Strings
15) Blues Progression (Special D Tuning) 
16) Get Up John (Special D Tuning)
17) Home Sweet Home (D)  (really cool!   Jim Moss)

End DVD #1

============================= DVD #2
The Intermediate Lesson 1 (The Essentials)

(Completed and Available)

Duo Picking In Special Tunings (multi voicing)
18) Rockwood Blues  (G) 
19) Black Mountain Rag (G)  (G tuning) 
20) Why Not Confess (Special G Tuning) 
21) Home Sweet Home (Special G Tuning) 

   Big Mon's Kick Offs and Tunes 
22) First Whippoorwill  (Kick Off in G)
23) Letter From My Darlin  (Kick Off in G)
24) Boat of Love (G)
25) Get On Your Knees and Pray  (G) (Plus Breaks) way cool!
26) Little Cabin Home on the Hill (A) (Plus Break)
27) Rocky Road Blues (A)
28) Going Back to Old Kentucky (A)
29) Wicked Path of Sin (A)  Mon's then R. Allen & F. Wakefield versions.
30) Wait a Little Longer (A)
(Frank comments on not depending on tab or electronic tuners)

39) Turkey In The Straw (G)  Simple Tune then Bluegrass Break
40) Roanoke (G)
41) Wheel Hoss (G)
42) Bluegrass Breakdown (G) (with special comment on correct notes)
43) Sally Goodin (A)
44) Ragtime Annie (D)
45) Katy Hill (G)

End DVD #2 

============================= DVD #3 
The Intermediate Lesson 2 (The Essentials)

(Completed and Available)

Frank's Instrumentals
46) Play It Pretty Me (G) w/ Split Strings
47) Midnight On The Mandolin (G)
48) Daughter Of Midnight (C)

   Big Mon's Kick Offs and Tunes 
31) Set Your Fields On Fire (Bb)
32) Let the Light Shine Down (D) (Plus Break)
33) Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong  (D) (Plus Break)
34) Can't You Hear Me Callin’  (G) Mon's then Wakefield versions.
35) Voice From On High (D) 
36) Xmas Time's A Coming (D) 
37) Kentucky Waltz (D) Mon's then Wakefield versions.
38) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Bb)

More Tunes
49) Rawhide (C)
50) Billy In The Low Ground (C)
51) Cumberland Gap (G)
52) Golden Slippers (G)
53) Beer Barrel Polka (C)
54) Under the Double Eagle (C)
55) Miss Izzy (A)

End DVD #3 

DVD #4 (Partial)
Planned Beginning  (Not Available Yet)

More Tunes
56) Paddy On The Turn Pike (G) 
57) Bach (G)
58) Havana (G)
59) Darlin Cindy (A)
60) Tennessee Blues (C)
61) Bonaparte’s Retreat (Special G Tuning)
62) Orange Blossom Special (A)


=============== Ultra Clear Guitar DVD #1 
The Guitars of the Frank Wakefield Band

with Jim Lewin & Jeff Harris

(Completed and Available)


1) Rhythm Technique
2) Rhythm Examples
3) Flat Picking Technique
4) Dixie Breakdown
5) Forked Deer
6) Katy Hill
7) Mexican Stomp
8) New Camptown Races
9) Moss Creek
10) Whisky Before Breakfast

End Guitar DVD #1

More Frank Wakefield Mandolin on CD with 

Bluegrass Fiddler Jim Moss 

I've already spent some time with DVD 1 - what a blast, and how helpful.  This is a gem and well worth the money.  It's extraordinary valuable seeing and hearing Frank "do his thing".    I' already picking up some neat techniques and am excited about jumping in further.

Thanks again,
Dan Marcus
p.s. Good job with the video production

Dan Marcus


... it is very RICH in content. 
It appears to be everything I had hoped for - it's gonna take 
a while to absorb all that stuff!! 

The title list is a bit deceptive - there's a list of songs/topics 
covered, but it only scratches the surface!

Frank is constantly throwing out these great 'nuggets' of info. 
You probably couldn't list all the things Frank talks about! 
Feel like I'm getting a big bang for the buck here...

This will be a great learning tool! You did a great job on this James! 
I'd be happy to endorse or pass along an independent favorable 
review to potential buyers.  Now that you are offering these DVDs, I intend to keep purchasing as they are released. 

I just LOVE watching Frank play and talk! 

A n d y S i c a r d


When Jim Moss posted
The Frank Wakefield "Ultra Clear" DVD Lessons
were ready for shipping, I jumped to and ordered Lesson #1. 
Here is my review... 

I really think Jim Moss should change the name of 
the DVD Series from "Ultra Clear" to 
"Up Close and Personal". (Just kidding Jim)~

The DVD is clear and concise and an excellent learning tool.
I say "Up Close and Personal" because you actually feel that
you are in a private lesson with Frank.

The up close filming allows you to closely examine Frank's hands,
the structure & wood grains of the mandolin and even the dust-bunnies. 

You can even see the scar on Frank's thumb  (hmmm I may have to 
ask him how that happened, probably a woman thang :-) ~)
OK, back on track here... Seriously... 

You can see all the subtle movements in Franks 
hands and fingers thus creating the feeling in his playing.

This DVD far surpasses any VHS Instructional Tape.
The videography of the DVD is crystal clear and the positioning of camera angle allows you see his left and right hand technique
and how Frank attacks a song with his pick angle.
You are one with the lesson and not just watching an 
"Instructional Tape".

There are a combination of 11 or 12 techniques and songs on the DVD Lesson #1.  It is so well choreographed that within these lessons there are 165 Chapter/Indexes. These indexes are placed at all the critical places in the song or technique enabling you to repeat the phrase and enhance the learning process at your own pace.

With a click of your remote control you can repeat a section or technique over and over again as you like.

Included in the DVD Lesson #1 are demonstrations of Cross-picking, Right and Left Hand Techniques, Blues Progressions, How to tune down the strings, and Split String Techniques

Frank even shows you how to do an Earl Scruggs Banjo Run
on the Mandolin.

The DVD is serious and straight forward.  Not a lot of Backing Talkwards (Talking Backwards).  It does depict Franks Southern Gentleman approach and Signature Sound of that which is near and dear to his heart... "The Mandolin". 

Frank will show you the traditional way to learn a song and then he might say, "Now I will show you my version".

It is hard to say which is my favorite lesson although I am partial to "Get Up John", "Home Sweet Home" and the "Blues Progression" lesson. Others included in this DVD are: "Black Berry Blossom", "Devil's Dream", "Sailors Hornpipe", "Rondo", "Boil Them Cabbages", "Grand Father's Clock", "Right Hand Technique",  "Left Hand Technique", "How to Cross-Pick",  and more... 

There is no book or tab included. Don't freak out!  You don't need tab... or notation... and I was a Tab girl.  All you need is your DVD, your eyes, ears and your mandolin!

If you haven't had the pleasure of taking a lesson with Frank or attending one of his workshops, this would be the next best thing. 
A DVD lesson that any mandolin player would want to have in their library collection.

The quality and professionalism of this project receives 
Four Stars ****!       A job well done!

My best, 
Linda Riha
Burbank, CA 

Hi Jim.
Got the DVD. Works great in BOTH my DVD players, including the one that was rated "bad" on you list.  As for how I like the DVD itself, I think it's great.  I love Frank's "teaching" and it's great to be able to just repeat a lesson over and over.  DVD is so much better than VHS.

Anyway, as I said, I love the DVD.  Keep me informed when the other volumes are finished.

Jose Coludro
Jacksonville, Florida

Lesson  DVD #2 is a lot of bang for your buck (so to speak).
There is a good month or two of studying here!
They Keep Getting Better!
I started to watch DVD #2 and immediately jumped
around and taught myself Sally Goodin within minutes.
It was fun to play along with Frank and learn a new tune
or at least a new version.   Then tonight I decided to just
sit and go through the entire DVD instead of piece mealing it.

It starts with open tuning and duo style picking.  There are 3 songs
that are in the G tuning.  The right hand technique is also reviewed,
slowed down at times to really understand the Duo Picking Technique.
Things are not belabored on this DVD, that is the beauty of the pause
and reverse button ~ ahhhh !  A few songs in this category... 
"Black Mountain Rag", "Why Not Confess", and 
"Home Sweet Home".

Next is Kick Offs.   There are approximately 9 or 10 songs that 
Frank demonstrates Monroe Breaks and how he would kick off a 
song with a real bluesy sound, following with Frank's statement... "Now I will show you my way!"  He does a lot of dragging the 
notes and sliding the notes like a fiddle player.

Everything seems to flow on this DVD.   Again, clear and concise.  "Get on Your Knees and Pray" is pretty darn good. He even gives 
the entire mando break to learn in three parts.  I liked 
"Rocky Road Blues".

Finally he ends with examples of 7 or 8 Fiddle Tunes. 
"Bluegrass Breakdown" is focused on both the right and left hand 
technique and the proper way to play this tune.   I think this one will 
be my biggest challenge to make it sound right!  :-) 
A few others, "Roanoke", Wheel Hoss",
"Ragtime Annie" and more...

For all 20 categories and songs on this Lesson DVD check out
the website

Yada yada yada, not financially involved
not involved in any way not stalking anyone...
or rubbing up against anyone... Sonia... can ya hear me now?
Just reviewing this and havin fun!
Sounds resoundable... :-)

Check it out!
My best,
Linda Riha
Burbank, CA

It's a keeper.  I've never told you, but what you are doing is truly a gift
to the music.   It is one of a kind and gives the gift of bluegrass to
anyone who wants it.  It also gives the gift of Frank's personality, too.
And if he goes to the islands and I don't get to do a camp, tell him I'm
going to boycott bananas.

Eric Larsen
Greeley, Colorado

Last night I viewed part of the DVD#1 and I must say that that's gotta be the best way to teach mandolin. I had a non-playing mandolin friend with me who always asked me "how do you do that?" Now after seeing Frank, he's substantially demystified. I'm very impressed with the whole method. Frank is such a character that even if he wasn't teaching mandolin on the DVDs it would still be immensely entertaining.

Great Job Jim,
Roger Kash
Empire Music Werks
Dania Beach, Florida

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